What makes us special and unique?

Committed Trainers with Expertise in Language patterns and Communication.

Our corporate communication and leadership/management training programs are interactive. They are filled with applicable tools and techniques that can be applied in the practical business scene.

Through intensive communication training, we support your organization maximize individual performance.

  • Interview & Program Planning
  • Communication Skill Trainings
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Profitable Results

Interview & Program Planning

-The unique interview process includes listening for issues, observing existing problems in the organization, and clarifying goals.

-Based on the interview(s), a training program is designed, planned, and scheduled.

Communication Skill Trainings

-Our interactive training provides a wide range of techniques to help individuals acquire effective and motivational communication skills.

-The lectures are filled with useful, practical knowledge for the business scene.

Personalized Coaching

-The coaching sessions help individuals discover their strengths and weaknesses, and allow them to clarify their influential skills and detect areas for improvement.

Profitable Results

-The skills and tools covered in the training are practical for bringing out profitable results.
-The energy shift (change) in the organization forms a new ‘creative’ field leading to desired results.

Our programs are customized to meet your group size, timeframe, and specific needs.
All training is available in Japanese and English. Please contact us for further information.

Leadership Skills / Management Training


-To understand your strength and capability for better performance

-To strengthen problem solving skills

-To enhance group dynamic skills

-To develop a vision for success



-Retain highly motivated employees

-Use leadership tools and models to build high-performance teams

-Develop your capabilities of management

Sales Training


-To learn communication patterns

-To learn strategic selling communication skills

-To understand your strength and capability for better performance



-Gain customers loyalty

-Create trust and strong relationship with customers

-Build lifelong customers

-Increase referrals

-Deal with difficult customers

Stress Management Training


-To build self-confidence and self-esteem

-To be more resilient towards difficult situations

-To create stress release systems


-Increase individual productivity and responsibility

-Handle difficult/challenging situation without feeling stress or pressured

-Develop a supportive energy and mind for others

-Create a well-balanced lifestyle

Team Building Training


-To establish team value and synergy effects

-To create a supportive ‘we’ based culture

-To master conflict resolution skills



-Build a strong, high performance team

-Increase team empowerment and synergy

-Enhance a reliable relationship among employees

-Increase employees’ performance and motivation


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